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I found a turbo V6 at Pick A part .
It is A front wheel drive motor. The question is Can it be converted to rear wheel drive? I think it is an 1984. Iwant to run an auto trans. It will replace my 4 cyl chev/powerglide.
Thank you
Dirt T :confused:

Buick Hybrid Guy.
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Please list the link.....

They did not make a FWD turbo engine in 84. (to my knowledge anyway)

They made the "hot air" or non intercooled RWD engine for the Buick Grand Nationals in 84-85.
In 1986-87 They made the Intercooled version which is much better in every way than the non intercooled setups.
Prior to 84 they were carbed turbo 3.8's and they were even worse.
If you need more information on the buick power plants visit
You'll want to go to the MSG Board section and read under the "Hybrids" or the other areas on those sites.
If you plan on running your power glide you'll need a adaptor made from Trans-Dapt to go from BOP (buick/olds/Pontiac) to Chevrolet pattern
Good luck, Scott~
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