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Two Part Question on 36 Ford

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I'm replacing the firewall with a *****in.
1) The body has a lip where the edge of the old firewall butted against. In removing the old firewall, I straightened the edge. The lip is only wide enough to cover the edge of the firewall (maybe 3/16").
Question: In installing the new firewall, would I be correct in thinking that I should hammer the lip over the edge of the new firewall?

2) Is the one flash coat of epoxy on the body sufficient for the area where it will touches the firewall? I plan to spray a little self-etch on edge of the bare metal firewall where it will touch the body.

These may seem like silly questions, but I am 1) an amateur and 2) a fanatic for detail.

Thanks as usual for your quick and helpful responses....
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I replaced my Firewall with a *****in' unit as well, and I made some strips out of 18 gaquge CRS and welded them underneath the lip-I think you could go ahead and fold it, it just depends what look you would like-have you already removed you old Firewall?

As for epoxy, I coated the inside of the Firewall (after straightening) and the flange on the new Firewall with weld thru Primer, welded it, then took all of the weld thru I could off before I epoxied-

Also, you do have it bolted to the Frame, don't you?
Hey 35

Body is sitting on frame and I do plan to bolt it down before welding the firewall in. Did you do yours with the doors in place? I tried to zoom in on the edge of your firewall, but really could not looks very smooth....Hate to ask and show my ignorance....but CRC? Did you leave the body edge straightened and set it flush with the firewall?

I've got the body braced up to the point as some would say was over kill.

Also plan to fill the roof. What are your thoughts...would you weld the firewall in place before tackling the roof? I've also been talked in to replacing the floor board (on order from EMC)....I could not tell for sure from your pics but does the tranny cover bolt down rather than weld in place?

Now did I understand correctly that you put copper weld all over the firewall and then removed after the weld? My question was more about how to prep the area where the firewall and body overlap along the edge....

I also note that you built some new inner fender panels....Nice job...

Our suspensions are setup differently (mine is more traditional with regular coils and leafs)....

You appear to have done the same thing I'm doing on the tail pan....I've cut out the squares where the bumper comes off the bracket and plan to simply roll it under. I did note that you had the rear bumper brackets in place....Did you use them for a bumper or simply to set the diemension off the rear?

You also got my wheels.....What size are you going with?

Thanks for all the help..... :pain:
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I did not have my Doors in, but I did have my Door openings braced. You know, I never had the thought that you have of bending the edge over, so I made some spacers and cut some strips to follow the countour, and boxed the flange (I didn't like the unfinished look of the flange either). You idea would work well too, I believe.

I used weld-thru Primer (I can't remember which brand, but don't use SEM! :nono: )-after I had it all welded in, I used Thinner and removed every bit of exposed weld-thru Primer I could, then I Epoxied inside and out. Remember, you don't need to slather on the weld-thru Primer, a good single coat will do.

As for filling the top, I think I would do the Firewall first (I did)-I filled my Top after I chopped it. I wish now that I would have bolted the tunnel to the Floor (for better access) but I was gung-ho at the time to have the Floor sealed as much as possible (for noise and fumes)-I think either way will work, I just know that with my engine combo that I am trying to keep the heat and noise out-I Seam sealed inside and out.

As for prepping the Firewall area for the weld, I used a Rolocs to get the major rust out of the inside flange of the Body, then a rotary wire brush on an air grinder (be careful!), then roloc scotchbrite discs (like these)
Then I cleaned the area with waterborne Wax & Grease remover and primed-overkill? Maybe-

The thing that I would change if I did it over again was that I used a spot weld cutter to get the old Firewall out, and while that works, it will swiss cheese your flange (had lots of spot welds)-use a small drill, like a 1/4" or so (just enough to break the weld), then use a panel knife (or substitute) like this- to separate the Firewall from the Body-I spent a lot of time getting the flange back where I wanted it and welding/grinding it.

Thanks for the compliment on the Tubs-it was a learning experience, but I needed them because of the narrowed rear axle-

I used the rear Bumper brackets to give the Body another place to mount, as I am not using Bumpers-the Wheels are 17X7 in the front and 20X10 in the rear-gotta love them Americans! I wish I lived closer, I would be happy to give you a hand-give me a shout if I can help more- :thumbup:
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