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So I have this custom driveshaft and I am fitting it to a Ford 9". I have my angles down I just need to get the driveshaft in place so I know the exact motor position(where the driveshaft overextends and bottoms out as I only have 1" in either direction) and can weld up the motor and U shaped transmission mount, then once the front end is squatting I can move onto the steering linkage.

The thing uses what I thought was a 1310 on the pinion
But I was wrong. It actually is not the common 1310 or 1350 it is the bastard 1330 size. Thanks Ford.

So I need a 1330 "big cap". No wait cancel that order. That's the wrong diameter to fit into the driveshaft
So I need a 1310 "big cap". No wait thats to small to fit into the pinion. I still let that one ship.

I need a 1310 with a 1310 diameter on one end and a 1330 with a 1330 diameter on the other end.

Greasable, greasable.. Not one solid option after 2 hours running part numbers back and forth...

OK! Screw it!
I ordered a greasable one for now just to keep things moving
Here is what Darwins grab bag looks like;

But does anyone know where I could get solid 1310 to 1330 conversion u joint?
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