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U Joint Covers

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I am looking for aluminum U Joint Covers. I purchased some
from Hi-Tech Aluminum Products, in Cedartown, Ga., when I
was building my first car. I have been unable to locate them
so I presume they are no longer in business. If anyone knows
anything about them, please let me know, or if anyone knows
who might have these, please let me know. Thank You Very Much
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Never heard of such a thing..................and why would you need such a thing?

Are you sure you don't mean CV joint covers?
They make the U Joints look much better. They really
dress them up. I have them on my T Bucket now.
Are they like the U-joint girdles that Moroso makes?
No, it is just a cap that goes on the end of it, to
dress it up. Thanks !
Post a pic please... I would like to see them also. The rearend in my truck is exposed and this might be a nice addition to dress it up.
WEIMER a picture please. I have never heard of such a thing??


Rat Rods Rule!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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