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Weimer said:
I would've taken the test but when I went to the link posted...I got a blank website, no test.
Okay, the link should be working correctly now. If you only see MENU in the top right corner click on that to begin if you don't see a steering wheel pop up on the screen.


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Something is not right, here is what I got.

The script you are trying to run has generated an error

If you are the owner of the script please try the following to figure out what is wrong:

If you wrote/edited the script in Windows or on a Mac do one of the following:
If edited under Windows, run the 'fromdos' command on it from your shell account
For example: fromdos myscript.cgi
If edited on a Mac, run the 'frommac' command on it from your shell account
For example: frommac myscript.cgi
Make sure your script has the proper permissions for execution
Execute the following from your shell account: chmod 755 myscript.cgi
Run the script from your shell account and see if it generates any errors

This error happend on web Server:

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well that sucks.. sorry about that. I'll send them an email and see if they can fix it

here's the quiz

1.Because most of the car's weight is over the drive wheels, an advantage of having front wheel drive over having rear wheel drive is its ability:

[ ] (a) To maintain a higher top speed
[ ] (b) To accelerate quicker
[ ] (c) To have better traction
[ ] (d) To deploy airbags quicker

2.There are two kinds of brakes, drum brakes and disc brakes. Both use ______, the force that slows down moving objects.

[ ] (a) hydrogen dioxide
[ ] (b) thermal energy
[ ] (c) momentum
[ ] (d) friction

3.When the engine is not running, the battery supplies current for all but the:

[ ] (a) catalytic converter
[ ] (b) lights
[ ] (c) radio
[ ] (d) horn

4.The transmission changes a small amount of ______ into a lot of torque, and sends it through the ______ to the drive wheels.

[ ] (a) energy, drive shaft
[ ] (b) torque, drive shaft
[ ] (c) torque, differential
[ ] (d) energy, differential

5.The gears in the transmission start the work of carrying the power to the ______. There are usually four or five sets of gears in the _______ of most cars today.

[ ] (a) wheels, transmission
[ ] (b) transmission, transmission
[ ] (c) brakes, wheels
[ ] (d) transmission, wheels

6.There are two main kinds of automobile engines, the ______ and the ______.

[ ] (a) hydraulic engine, piston engine
[ ] (b) circumference controlled engine, piston engine
[ ] (c) piston engine, rotary engine
[ ] (d) electric, hydraulic engine

7.The lubricating system pumps oil to all the moving parts of the engine so they will move smoothly and not get too hot. Because of the oil, the engine never builds up very much heat.

[ ] (a) True
[ ] (b) False
[ ] (c) Not enough information
[ ] (d) The law of thermodynamics does not prove or disprove this

8.At the top of each cylinder there is a spark plug. Where does the spark plug get current from?

[ ] (a) Gas Tank
[ ] (b) Electricity generated by the friction from the brake pads
[ ] (c) Distributor
[ ] (d) It does not require current, it is self perpetuating

9.Diesels have many advantages. Although they are hard to start in cold weather, they accelerate unusually quickly and dont pollute the air as much.

[ ] (a) True
[ ] (b) False
[ ] (c) There is no difference
[ ] (d) Not enough information
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