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undercoating quality

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What are some thoughts on the best Undercoating for the underbody of a hotrod? I know alot of people here like the spray in bedliners, but I want something more flexible, that will hopefully stick better. Most of the do it yourself bedliners I've seen have been a little to hard for my taste as undercoating. What about brand preferance. Is Eastwoods product good? what about 3M's Shlitz (sp)? I have spent alot of time and money getting the underside of car body to the condition it is in now and want to put on a good undercoating on most of the underside before I take it of the rotiserie and put it back on the frame for the last time.

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Why do you specify flexible? I use the rubberized asphalt coating they sell in spray cans in parts stores which sticks like crazy and lasts for ever. Cheap too! To prevent star bruised in the paint on fenders over the tires, glue in a strip of the butyl rubber roof sealer they sell at Lowe's or Home Depot. Thin, rubbery, made to stand up to the elements except for UV light but there isn't much of that under fenders, and again, cheap.
i'll tell you what, i've used a few different brands of undercoating and the nicest looking stuff by far is the 3m body schutz. i think its available in spray can and in quarts. you have to get it in quarts and spray through and undercoat gun. it leaves a real nice texture and goes on nice and even. i restored a 74 porsche 914 over the summer and undercoated it with the 3m stuff. when i gave it to the guy i think he liked the undercoating better than the paintjob......go figure. he is a little wierd though.
Jared, flexible does not equal tough but if you do want flexible then just use epoxy on a 80 grit/sandblasted surface.

Epoxy stays flexible forever and is an excellent O2/H2O barrier.

Put Duplicolor bed liner spray on a 80grit/sandblasted surface.....that's a TOUGH surface for stone impact etc.

$7 a can at Wally World, one can will do all of the inside of a fender. If you don't like it for the bottem, use it up inside the qtrs or roof
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