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Unique Flames Question

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Ok. Here we go. First thanks for reading the post. Any ideas would be great. I have a 74 Caddy (it's actually a hearse) that I want to flame. I have never done a flame before but I have been doing all the reading on here thanks to the search engine and HK's articles. I have the process down (I think). I know the key to laying out the flames is keeping it balanced. So I got myself a pic of a outline of a flame. I plan on printing it out on a plotter here at work. The plotter can print about a 4' wide sheet. This would give me half the hood. I could duplicate the print for the other side and do the same for the fenders. My question is does anyone have any ideas on how to easily, well I know it probably won't be real easy, transfer the outline to the basecoat without screwing up the paint? Then I could tape it off. Again thanks for reading. :)
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There is a craft tool made for doing transfers. It is a wheel that makes tiny holes in the surface of the paper as you role it across. Do this on a bench along the pattern. Then tape to the body and use a chalk filled sock or rag to transfer the chalk through the holes onto the surface. Now tape.

Ingenius !! ! ! Now I know why I hang out on this board. Thanks ! ! ! ! :D
Originally posted by way_2fast_4u:
<strong>Ingenius !! ! ! Now I know why I hang out on this board. Thanks ! ! ! ! :D </strong><hr></blockquote>

Yeah, I did not come up with the idea. Just saw it on one of those cheesey TNN TV shows. Glad to help though.

Originally posted by Kevin45:
<strong>Hey Way...check this out Flame masking kits.


Kevin. Sweet site. I will definitely bookmark it. The prices seemed pretty steep. But if I do another flame job I will definitely consider it. Thanks ! !
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