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Block casting 3903352 comes back as 1967 only.... 327", 210 to 350 Hp ratings.
"T1018" is Tonowanda Engine Plant, 10th month(October) 18th day.

"ML" stamped code comes back as 1967 275 Hp, 4 barrel, air conditioning car, F-body (Camaro) or X-body (Nova)
"ML" was also used in 1968, 327" Special High Performance, 4 barrel, 325 HP(L79 option) in 1968 Chevy II/Nova....but the '67 only block casting number should negate this possibility. Some 1967 blocks would have made it into 1968 cars, but the date code would have to be late December for that to happen.

Been a lot of years since 1967, so it would be uncertain to say the pistons would still be factory stock, and not added at a rebuild...especially with info given it has a Tunnel Ram on it now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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