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It finally came today (ordered in November). Outlaw does a great job and so far I'm liking it.

A friend has an Outlaw '34 coupe with 90K+ miles on it dating back to '90, so I didn't have too much of a decision to make. I ordered their chassis and fendered body plus a bunch of stuff I tacked onto the 'might as well' list. S/S bearclaws and dovetails, S/S tank, Dakota door poppers, etc.

The reinforcements you see in the floor are in the floorpan. The frame can't be seen although it looks like you can see through the floor.

The Rootlieb hood and engine/trans have been patiently waiting, as have I. I had a '34 hood made with the '33 slats. They're curved as opposed to straight, and I like the '34 grill better. Might as well get what I want, y'know?


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