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V-Gate shifters

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do you have to push in the clutch to shift or do you just try to hit the right rpms and hope it doesnt blow apart
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you posted to a very old thread.

lets see if there are new better answers for your question.
Depending on what you do to the sycros in the trans is if you can shift it without the cluch at all. The drawback with a V gate is downshifting when the car is rolling. I had one in a Nova years back on both an M21 and a Super T-10 and you had to stop to put it back into low gear easy.
u could double clutch it when its time to down shift. at least you only have 4 gears try it with 10 :thumbup: :sweat:
Not that the trans wont downshift it is the gate in the shifter. It drops a bar into the next lever that makes it a pain to get to go backwards when rolling. You have to go against the ramp on the shifter.

My Dad's last Pete (379 with a 400 Cummins) had a 6 speed main and a 5 speed back box in it so I know about shifting without the clutch. The old girl would pull the world in low gear.
jgh64pkup said:
do you have to push in the clutch to shift or do you just try to hit the right rpms and hope it doesnt blow apart
Since you are asking about V gates, I'll assume you are talking about hot rodding. The shifter only moves things around in the transmission. The transmission is what dictates if it can be shifted or not without using the clutch. Jerico builds a race transmission that can be shifted clutchless and so do others but if you try to shift a normal transmission just by doing a quick lift of the throttle and banging a gear, you will most likely cause damage. A V-gate shifter only makes it easier to shift by being spring loaded and having a straight line shift pattern. There are also good and bad H pattern shifters. No matter if have a trans that can be shifted with or without a clutch, a good shifter is important. That being said, you can shift just about any standard trans without using a clutch but you had better not be trying to race that way. I've had a couple of cars that the linkage fell apart and had to get home with it like that. You gotta know what to do and be gentle with it....
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