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HEy all, new to the site. I've been working on a 1969 VW wagon that's chopped. Up to this point I was going to keep the air-cooled engine. But, I am having build ideas for a small block chev and drive train. I will most likely look for a frame and fab my car onto the frame. My problem is the size of the car. In order to keep the body in somewhat stock configuration I would need a small V8 car for the frame.
Wheel base dimensions are 98" on center by 57 1/4" drum to drum (at the bolting surface)
You can see the car HERE

Thanks for any help!

Brian Martin,Freelance adviser
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The wheel base is about the same as a T bucket and that is exactly the frame a guy used in his VW Bug years ago in my area.

But honestly, I would stick with a hot VW motor. A V6 like an SHO Ford would be very cool. These days there are a lot of small motors putting out some unreal horsepower. I had a 66 TypeIII at one time, I like those cars. I do remember hearing that they are VERY heavy for their size. From what I understand they weigh more than a type II!


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I had thought about putting a Subaru WRX engine in the back (they make an adapter) but then I'd have to do some major changes to the transmission. Not to mention all the electronics and cooling hoses to the front for the radiator.
BTW it's not that heavy after you strip it down to the pan and shell :D

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My vote is V8. Lotsa little cars got the V8. Shouldn't be much different than a Morris, English Ford, Cobra, etc. I like the "Shock and Awe" appeal of a V8.

But... I'm also impressed with the Ecotec, Zetec, Duratec, PZEV, Quad 4 engines in Rods. I think they are more expensive to put together though because of the special parts like adapters and stuff.

Brian Martin,Freelance adviser
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I had a catalog from a place who sold adapters for the VW. It was WILD how many motors they made adapters for! I am not kidding you, just about every motor available at the time (this was maybe twenty years ago). There were Pintos, Buick V8/V6 Chevy V8/V6, inline six :)pain:) Subaru, Corvair, the list went on and on. Google it and see what you come up with.


Brian Martin,Freelance adviser
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I just googled it and hit pay dirt on the very first link!


Click here


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