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vacuum gauge to determine flow??....

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how can i determine if i did any airflow improvements by a vacuum gauge? what i plan to do is hook up a shop-vac to one side of a intake manifold and connect a vacuum gauge somewhere on the manifold. if the gauge does register anything, would it show less vacuum if airflow improves? i am just doing this for fun, no serious project. it is for a saturn intake, 4-cyl.:D
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Vacuum Gauge Flow bench

I use a 1995 Ford MAF sensor coupled to a pipe that goes to the cylinder head from the vacuum source. Would you like a diagram?
To measure an Intake Manifold will require bolting the intake to the cylinder head.
sure, i'd like a diagram:thumbup:
EXACTLY!! i dont need a fancy,expensive one just to see a change.

hey dave what did you do to this saturn intake to make it flow differently?????
And where's this "ghetto" flow bench?
nothing yet, but i want to cut open up the plenum area and grind down the sharp edges and see if it helps flow by checking with the gauge setup. i also plan to make the runners very smooth,so that the air flows better, and something like this too.... the 12th picture with the velocity stacks inside the plenum. i know it might not do a difference, thats why i asked my previous question.
hotmetal800, so what wires do you hook up to the calculator(?)?
or what do you hook up to read the maf?
Oh, I bet this is a 0-5v out put and you only get a reference flow/ unless somebody has a chart for cfm vs voltage for their specific maf sensor.
like i said, no fancy setup needed, just something to tell me if it improved or not!

if you want to open it up a little put a freer fl;owing cat back set up on it even if its a custom one off it will help and be a lot easyer than the whole cut the intake into pieces idea. oh and if you need a new plenum for that saturn when you are done I have a few extras if you need one i use to work at saturn and have a few extra parts sitting around.
oh and no you don't need a header for the saturn just cat back will help and shift at 6700 will make a bit of a difference also. gas milage might not be as good but the power will be up.
i already have the cat-back. i want to use this on an extra manifold i have laying around. kinda of to mess around with it to see if i do any difference.
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