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Valve cover racing

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I built and raced my first valve cover racer yesterday, had a blast with it. Highly recommend doing this little event or even starting one.
mine is the orange and black one, my buddy Randy built the Flag one.
He got best of show and I got best use of color, in the show category
I Finished second in the Go category.
Randy and I actually ran the event for the club we didn’t make the track though.

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Been there, done that!
Back in the early 90’s I belonged to a car club that had one set up at local car shows.
‘Mostly done for the kids but a few of us built and ran one. I made one from a chrome oil pan. Ran the wheels off mine and the wife’s pull behind golf cart. Two sizes so I had bigs and littles. Never won any races but the tiny tots got to push each other around on it like a go cart.
‘Got no pics though.
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We where told the BOCES kids ( high school tech) kids where bringing some covers but it was just us, hopefully this planted some seeds with others that where at the car show,
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