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Can I replace the solids in my SBC 350 with hydraulic without changing anything else. I'm sick of all this ajusting one to tight losing comp. the other is chartering, solids came with the motor when I purchased it and they are a pain. the other camaro I had years ago had hydraulic and I had NO problems at all with that motor :confused:
To much to loose and really nothing to gain JMO i would get the proper hyd cam and lifters for it if it were me. IMHO I have heard of it being done before but has to have a very tight lash and that being said the solid lift cam will have a different lash ramp then the hyd cam. IMHO get the hyd setup you will be better off and if you like the cam that is in it now get one ground for hyd as close as you can get to the solid for performance purposes anyway.:cool:

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