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Building up a ls9? (out of 78 blazer) 350 sbc for the 78 camarro. Have a vew questions as to what will be good for the valve train.

Use: Street/strip.
I would like to keep the performance parts I already have, performer rpm intake. 600 cfm performer carb. Full length headers.
Erison cam dur @.050 228in 235ex .551 lift 110 L/C with matching hyd lifters/rods.
stock heads and valves at 9:1 compression 2800rpm converter with 3.55 rear end.

Which springs should I consider, 550 lift enough or 600 to be safe, is double necessary?.
What would be a good needle bearing, roller rocker for this aplication.
Will I get good power from <6k or do I really need to go the extra mile for high rpms. I don't think it needs it for it's use, and would like to wait till I get new heads before going extreme on the top end job.

I would like to keep it between $250-350 for springs/rockers. Only looking for 250-280 hp so nothing TOO extravigant.

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.600. They will last longer

Harland Sharp Brand.

You are good the way it is. You don't have enough cam to make power much over 6500. Your cam is good for mid range power while still producing adequate low speed torque.
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