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i had a 98 plymouth reeze, i believe, (the minivan) it came in for no crank no start. the custumer said it would run fine for weeks, then he would go to start it one day and it would start idle for a few seconds then die. he said it would do this like three times then it would go to no cranking, but if he let it sit overnight it would fire back up the next day or even later that same day. when we got it in i was able to jump power from the ingnition hot to my starter wire at then colum and it fired right up. Search for the issue and could not find anything. so i installed a starter switch button that would crank the starter when the key wont. week later he calls. turns out that when it went into the no crank mode the button would crank but not start the engine. we had fuel and no fire. i guess the first time it started for me it had been sitting long enough. well any way i have determened so far it is not.

ignition switch
pcm or bcm (witch ever is under the hood driverside next to fuse box)
fuses or relays

so summary

wont crank, if you make it still wont start, power runs to everything using key, fuel pump pumps, swaped out one computer

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plymouth breeze was a car model afaik not a van wasnt it ?

weve been working on several 3.0L dodges recently here, just replaced frnot crank seal on a 97 caravan 3.0L and you haver ot tear everything off the engine to replace it because the seal is in the crank driven oil pump assembly below the timing belt setup and everything

it was awesome

sarcasm intended!

check the fusible links, at starter and such, one may be melted

ignition switch may not plugged in all the way or burnt or loose on the column dwn low i would check it out

security light blinking by chance?


anyways uhmm i would look at bad ground wires on bellhousing bolts etc, and check fuel pressure

and make sure spark is white
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