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vinyl dyeing

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Ok, so i know this is old hat to many of you, but i`ve never dyed vinyl. So i have three questions:
Who makes the best dye? What should i do for surface prep? Do i need to use two types, one dye for flexible vinyl,say visors, and one for plastics, such as my door panels? Thanks :)

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ppg makes a good dye you can match it to any factory color you buy it by the quart and shoot it with a spray gun or sems makes a good dye in a spray can but with limited color choices clean it with soap n water and you should be good to go lasted 5 years in my el camino so far
I dont have a spray gun, so i`ll be using a can. I`m dyeing my green interior black. I do have one good piece of advice, on ordering dash pads. Specify that you do not want other items placed in the same box with the pad. I got one from Classic Ind. and they had placed some small items, the rest of my order, in the "OER" pad box. This created a crease I was able to fix with a little heat, but oblong or larger parts could have really done some damage. it is a very nice pad. Welcome to all the new members!
clean-clean-clean, did I say clean that old vinal? For best results clean, don't be in a big hurry, the results will be worth he work! I have used dye with and without primer, good results with both. :D
Yes cleaning is very important. Start with a soap water mix and wash it thoroughly. Then get some rubbing alchohol and rub, this dries extremely quickly and completely assures of a clean surface. Look in the phone book for Trim shop supplies and go visit one. You can call a few trim shops and see who they use for supplies. The supplier will have the most reputable brands that the professionals use. The dye will be the same for plastic, upholstery, hardmolded vinyl, and everything except metal. One of my friends didn't like the colors that he could get at the trim supply so he went to a ladies shoe store and got shoe dye. It worked just fine but he said it took him a long time and practice to get it just right. The nice thing about that is that the dye sinks in deeper into the material and you can sometimes do a little bit of custom mixing to get that rare color. As far as application, soak a shop rag in the dye and go at it, wiping off the excess, but do wear latex/rubber gloves cause it doesn't come off hands easily. Good luck. Remember, preperation and a clean environment is the most important thing!!!
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Thanks for the tips, guys. This is what it`s all about. Where else can you go for expert advice based on experience, certainly not the local parts store, at least not in my town.

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