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Hi guys,
I want to build a bbc blower engine for my 66 chevelle, it wont ever be raced so i guess im looking for an engine that can be driven daily and be reasonably reliable for street and show.
I have the opportunity of buying a friends stroked 489 BBC engine at a good price and am hoping you all can give me some advice on what i will have to change in the engine to build a good Blower Motor ( ie dished pistons and blower cut cam, or anything else ? Like maybe an 871 vrs 671 ) part numbers would be awsome !
The 489 stroker info i have is as follows
currently it has around 750 HP it is a 91 GM 454 4 bolt mail block
13-1 30 over forged JE pistons
Eagle H Beam Rods
Eagle forged stroker crank
AFR 2101 325 cc aluminum heads w/1.7 crank rockers 13750-16
AFR stud girdle
Isky 396686 cam, 202-96 rh lifters, 9265 valve springs
2902 Edelbrock intake
Holly 1000hp carb w/barry grant regulator
B&M flex plate
Powerbond 6" ballancer
MSD 84891 crab style distibutor
with a 7 qt kick out oilpan
I could really use some expertise in what i would need to change to have a reliable Blower engine. pistons, cam, are the heads blower friendly ?
Any help with this new build would be greatly appreciated.

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Check this site out and you can get a good idea of costs and what is required. You can do it a little cheaper or less expensive if you know exactly what to look for but these guys have done a lot of blower motors.

Big Al's Toybox - Complete Supercharged Engines Since 1989

Most of us have done the home work and created our own versions.

Since you want street only you need low compression 8 to 1 on a bbc, on this motor I use forged crank,rods and pistons, a good ignition, big headers, alum heads, and a mild cam. Use 2 blower carbs with a manifold referenced power valve, I'd use 750 dp 4 corner idle carbs. You won't need a choke even down to 5 deg F. I've run mine even colder with no problems.

Big radiator, double fans with a good shroud. I'd plan on the best starter you can find. A gerotor fuel pump either Mallory or Holley, fuel filter 1/2 in min fuel lines. BDS scoop with air cleaners.

You really don't need a harmonic balancer just a blower hub with external balance for the motor. Use one of the balancer covers and a timing great. You will need 2 or 3 v belt pulleys for the accessories...alt, water pump, ac and ps.

Plan on a tough trans and about a 3000 stall converter. Any of the OD trans become a problem with the blower motor as the throttle opening per load is very small so getting the TV pressure correct is very hard. An electric OD will be easier as you can program it to work with the motor. Much more expensive however. You will need the correct gears in the rear end depending on tire size and trans.

There is a lot more to it so get the "book" and read up on how the blowers work.
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