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Hi guys ..

I don,t know what to do anymore, so i write this memo, to find out a little
about the american way to make business ( company vs customer ) ..

A short briefing, to those interrested ...

I have two Chevy pu trucks, one 1952 and one 1958 1/2 ton stepside,s

In the summer 2005 ( about June ) i ordered two complete Heidt,s
superride II ifs, and two complete sets of fourlink linkage .....these parts
where ordered thru one of their dealers Daytona Speed and Performance .

After 8 months i got the parts !!! ......well finally i where able to check out the parts ( my christmas eve didn,t last long ) all of the parts where rusted,
some parts ordered and payed for where not delivered, the spindles where
ordered with 0" drop, they came with 2" drop, the frame brackets for the
fourlink linkage where dislocated before welding, and the heat from the welding where so high, that the parts where bended .

After about ten calls to DSP, and a lot of calls to Heidt,s i have give it all up,
not a single person take the phone .

Next problem, i have had a dialiog with Currie Enterprises, for ordering
two complete 9" rear ends, the dialog worked great, and all the specs.
was send me by mail, then they ask me the last question, the payment
method prefered. I answered, and gave them all information about my
VISA, then nothing more happend ...i dont understand it, it was all done
and they could do 5500 dollar just hitting a button on the pc .

So, just to end this story ....does these companys avoid to take the phone
if they see its a foreign or long distance call ? I have a own car business
in Norway, if i did,nt service my customers, i could start to go with paper
intsead ...

It seems to me that a order from a single customer for two ifs, two fourlinks,
and two complete 9",s ...should be worth something for these companys,
i do know i could,t compare with the Summit peoples when they make a
order....well i dont know . Seems to me that they do know that im would be
able to make them a visit, living in the USA are a lot more easier ... it must be
great to build rods in your country.....

Hmmmmffff ...

Sorry guys, im just a little feedup about this ....

Best regards to you rodders.


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I am sorry for your problems.. To start with I have not dealt with the companies you have.

I always pay by credit card. Should there be a problem , 1st contact the company by phone to get some sort of remedy , (a return authorization number) or something you both agree on. Should that not happen contact the company by e-mail and regular mail, also your credit card company. Tell them what the problem is. They will call the company to verify the problem and help resolve the problem. Remember they paid them. They can get the money BACK! Most all credit card companies ARE international. This works most of the time.

Shipping , do not know what to tell you, find a faster boat. LOL

Hope this helps, russ
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