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Hi guys;

I scored this last week... Car-O-Mech Mechanical Measuring System...

I'm now looking for the following:
1) A complete set of old Car-O-Liner FRAME DATA MANUALS... or an outdated Car-O-Liner DVD (with KEY!) if available.

2) A complete M900 Upper Body Measuring System in good condition...

.... (M910 Basic Upper Body System + M920 Lateral Arm kit + M930 Monopod Arm for symmetrical checking.)

3) An older Car-O-Liner Mark 3... or a Car-O-Liner Mark 4 Bench Rack...

with 1 (or 2) Drawer-Aligner Arm(s)... complete Pulling Attachment set... Pull-down Attachment... High-lift Jack Frame Brackets... etc.
(Reconditioned & Powder-coated if possible.)

This is NOT for commercial use but it's for a slightly different Father/Son project starting in 01/2013...

Link--> "GroceryGetter!" - Lancer 1800 GTX (A175X.)

Hoping for some positive (and affordable) feed-back. Thanks.
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