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Wanting to upgrade a 305

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I have a 73 C10 with a 305... it originally came with a 350, but the previous owner flooded the engine out and replaced it with a 305.

Im completely new to this so i have NO idea where to start... im wanting to go back with the 350 or something bigger... im looking for performance and looks.

Im looking to add oversized aftermarket wheels, but basically keep everything original.

Should i stick with my plans of the 350? or shop around for a better engine?

On a decent budget.

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well if you can afford it go with the 350. Nothings wrong with a 305, but if your looking for perfomance, you'll find it with a 350. And im not sure about your budget, but again if you can afford it, look into building a 383. That'll make plenty of torque for your truck to get up and go.
Thanks SS.

Any recommendations for some good mods to add to the 350? I have 24" Giovanni Carracas I'm placing on the truck.
Those are some heavy wheels... I've been told some headers, cams, exhaust and intakes would help to get the motor running slightly better.

I've priced lt1 350's for around 450 with warranty.
Well all that stuff depends on how you plan to use your truck. Do you want daily driver kinda performance or melting your tires kinda performance?
You can build up a 305, but the same parts will make more power on a 350 at a lower RPM so it makes sense to just start with a 350. LT1's are nice, but are not a simple bolt in and go swap, which I think is what you're after. A mild 400 with Vortec heads and about a 268 cam (or a little less) would be all the power you'd need to move that truck on the street.
73C10er said:
Should i stick with my plans of the 350? or shop around for a better engine?
The 350 would be fine. It can be stroked for not a lot of money- this is the "383" you can read about if you do a search on this forum as well as google, etc.

As far as the 305 goes, just remember that most if not all the parts that you buy for it, will also fit a 350 (or 383) engine- carb, intake (unless for a Vortec small block Chevy head/engine. Google is your friend :) ), headers, ignition, valve train (with exceptions), dress-up parts (valve covers and oil pans can differ), etc.

But going with as big of an engine that you have the budget for is "money in the bank"- better performance for the same or less cash than a smaller engine, in many cases.

thanks for all the info! it is going to be a daily driver until next year then it goes up into my garage. ill stick with the 305 until i can get my hands on an lt1.

i found this.. but probably way more then what im looking

i want to thank yall for the heads up... buying the parts for the 305 will be practical.
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In the begining of your post you said the 350 bc your truck previously had was " flooded". what exactly do you mean by that? do you still have sbc engine around?

the original engine was flooded out, i dont have the details about it, i am the 3rd owner of this truck the previous owner is an associate of mine who recieved the truck as a gift from his grandfather, the original owner.

the 305 is coming from an 82 C10?! (i think)
73C10er said:
ill stick with the 305 until i can get my hands on an lt1.
Just so there's no misunderstanding of what I posted earlier, the post was mainly in regards to the Gen I and Vortec 350 engines. The LT1 is a "GEN II" engine, and has many differences from the old-school Gen I or even the Vortec 350 engine.

I think after you do your research and are more acquainted with the small block Chevy, you will understand that an LT1- while being a very good engine- is a kind of "lame duck". It was only made a few years, has a very different ignition and induction system as well as "reverse cooling"- all of which conspire to make it a bit of a chore to work with.

IMO, you could do a whole lot worse than starting out w/a Vortec-headed OEM roller cam engine from a '96-up truck, Suburban, etc.

The intake is different from a 305, as is the valve train (unless you're talking about a roller 305 Vortec 305, but they're not worth getting when you can have a 350 for about the same price, IMO) and some other details.

Bottom line, do some studying and when you have a better grasp on things, I think you will see that the 305 is a stop-gap, and a 350 Vortec engine is a good platform to build a performance engine with.
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thanks Cobalt i was just receiving suggestions from different people, just really wanted a direction i can go with and not have to overhaul the truck completely.

I will do some investigation into the engines and see what i come up with.

Yall have been a tremendous help for a guy not really knowing which direction to go in.
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