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water in motor!

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I have a 350 that i recently got water in it. now it only runs at 2,500rpm and higher. I did that old trick when you trickle water into the carb it burns off the carbon buildup. Well, i guess i didn't have the idle up high enough. Can i take the heads off and clean the water of the top of the pistons or something? I did this to a lawnmower one time that got water in it. I just wiped the bore and the top of the piston and ran great after that. thanks, mark
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All you likely did was hopefully ruin the plugs, no need to remove the heads over water in the cylinders. Disconnect the power wire to the distributor and remove all the plugs, cycle the engine over with the starter to remove the moisture, then give each cylinder a shot of WD40, cycle the engine over again, install new spark plugs and it should be fine.
There is something else wrong here...water will not harm anything as doublevision said. You are saying it wont run under 2500 rpm?

I would be looking at the carburator.
re: water in motor

thank you doublevision, I will do just that. I see, WD 40 does dry up water and moisture. And poncho62, your right, I'm pretty sure it is the carb. I've been having occasional problems with it the past few months(needle and seat, ect...). I just purchased a new holley. I'm ditching the q-jet. there not bad carbs if you understand them and can tune em'. But I'm ready for something new. thank you fellas very much, you saved me time, and money with me thinking about removing the heads. Mark
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