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wax for most shine

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I did air brushing and hand rubbed laquer in the 70s. I used a wax called 'Plastimol' that just added so much more shine and brightness over anything else,almost like shining a light on the paint. Haven't seen the wax in years. I keep buying waxes (haven't tried detailers yet) in hopes of finding another wax like this, but no luck so far. Has anyone found a wax or detailer that seems to have a shine that really brightens and adds shine over what a carnuba wax would ?
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I've been using some of the new synthetic waxes. Tried Ice and the one by Meguirers. They shine nicely but I also found they attract static and if the car is not covered, it attracts dust from the air.
I use the a wax called Zano. It comes in a detailer kit. Very highly recommended by anyone who has used it. Wet sand a little, then hit it with their clay bar the results are awesome. It is pricey though. I think I paid like $150 for the kit. But as far as wax really can't get any better. I use it on a black M3(BMW) and it really looks wet. If you ever have seen a show car at a nice car show with that deep wet look, more than likely its Zano. :thumbup: :thumbup:
Most of your gloss will be determined by how well the paint
is polished out first. Most waxes on the market have some polish in them,
but polishing it out first with the right buffing/polishing method
will produce a better luster than a wax alone.
A true "pure wax" has no polish in it. :pimp:
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