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I've got a '73 Camaro that I've been working on for about two years. I'm leaning towards a pro-touring set-up but I would also like better than average ET's. My car runs a small block stroker with a fat cam & massaged heads, edelebrock intake with a Holly carb & scat rotating assembly. It also has a complete MSD ignition & charging system. The fuel system is Holly. For exact I'm running Hooker 1.75" ceramic headers with header wrap.
The transmission is currently out of order due to the use of stock parts on the race track! It used to be a 4 speed saginaw. Two & a half passes later....
A Tremec 5 speed will be on order in the next 30 days.
For now the rearend is the stock 10 bolt with a powertrax locker attached to a Chris Alston 4-link with coilover shocks instead of airbags so I could save some wieght & the plumbing complications.
After the transmition is taken care of I'll be installing a Myers Pro-Touring front subframe. The subframe connectors are from Competition Engineering.
The interior has been redone with mostly factory parts. The seats are summit highback buckets with 4 point belts. The gauges are Autometer set into a stainless bezel that was made by a friend. The roll cage will be done along with the front sub-frame.
The paint is the only real paint to have on a mans car,primer gray. The wheels are factory Corvette ralleys.
Most of the work was done by myself & a few friends.
Nitrous & a fuel cell may also be in the near future.
I don't know of any other normally aspirated cars in my part of South Sac that can beat me when I'm not broke down. I've got a family so this is not a high dollar car, I'm definitely on a budget doing it as I can!
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