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you could always put water in your gas tank.
this will slow your truck down, and give you more stopping pwr

you might be able to get a rear disc kit for this truck thru alot of searching... but youll wind up digging for parts that are so close you can get somethign to work.
if you do this be sure to check your front/rear line proportioning valve.

you could also go the way of 22 inch rims... you get a new ford rotor set up or someone that makes a kit for a bigger diameter front rotor. this might help.

describe the "weakness" you mean. is it spongy? does it hit the floor? or does it "feel" good and just not seem to be gripping?

if its the first two check lines drain and replace fluid and bleed well. if its the latter look for glazing on the metal.

does your parking break(for the rear drums) work good?

good luck with it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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