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Troy hit this on the head with the welding problem.
The best way for any hood scoop, if you want it to last is.

Bond it on with any brand two part metal bonding adhesive.
After placing the scoop in place any adhesive that oozes out take a rag and wipe off back to seam.
Let set over night, with a surface blending disc or 80 grit DA sand off any remainder adhesive that shows.
Prep area and the most important thing you will do next is spray a coat of epoxy before you do any filling.
Here is why. You now have two different metals that are going to expand at a different rate, if you put filler or glass into the equation you have three plus glass does not like to stick to metal long term.
With the epoxy as a barrier coat between the metal and filler work it will make the filler or glass more flexible so you do not get blistering of paint down the road. In other words it will allow the glass or filler to keep up with the expansion.
A this point a thin coat of chopped fiberglass such as kitty hair, Duraglass, Dynaglass and a thin coat of filler over that should taper it all in.
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