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So with the encouragement of folks here, I am going to rebuild the C4 in my 67 mustang all by my lonesome. I ordered the video from Bad Shoe Productions (excellent by the way) and watched it several times. I am pretty confident I will be able to tackle this porject. Seems very d-able.

I have been shopping around for rebuild kits and there seem to be an array of options. Hoping you guys can provide me with a list of what I really need.

The engine is a mildly built 289-guessing somwhere between 270-300hp with stock gears in the rear (2.80s). May go up to 3.25a in the future and aftermarket heads. Even then, I don't see the car ever pushing more than 300-325hp. It is a street car. Won't be raced except fro the occassioanl stoplight stomp.

With that in mind I wan't to make the tranny stout but don't want to go into over kill.

Clutches and steels: Are stock borg-warners, raybestos etc sufficient, or should I pay a little extra for the Alto reds and Kolene steels. Is it neccesary for my app?

Bands: stock good, or the next level up? I assume kevalr is overkill, but they are only afew dollars more?

Bushings: most kits have only a couple. Assuming they are not damaged, should I replace all anyway?

Thrust washer: Even if they are in good condition, should I just replace them all anyway? Or am I wasting money?

Torque converter: rebuilt stock or higher stall. The cam is mild 280 duration half inch lift. Car will have stock exhaust manifolds with dual 2 1/4 pipes and dynomax mufflers. expect power range to be between 2k and 4k. I am thinking stock is sufficient, just wanted some other opinions.

Intermediate Servo: Stock sufficient? I see the C servos for sale etc. Don't know if that will be overkill for my use. I don't want bangin shifts. However, a mild improvement is welcome.

Shift Kit: Thinking of just going with the first level transgo shift kit. But wondering what is the difference from the shift kit and the whole valve body transgo kit? Any opinions appreciated.

Mod to #9 thrust washer-Really neccessary for my app? Any one have a link to instructions for this?

Any other information you think is relevant is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help guys. Wish me luck, I'm going in.

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I'm not a C4 expert but have done a few.

Definitely use the TransGo kit, first level will be fine.
Stock clutches and steels are more than adequate.
I like to replace bushings but you can inspect and replace as needed.
Thrust washers, there is one in the early C4s that is obsolete, talk to Crosley on here he can get them.

A near stock rebuild with the TransGo kit, and maybe a good servo will servo you well.

No kevlar. Stock band is adequate.
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