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- Hello everybody I am now a hotrodder member. My name is Ethan S. I have many different hobbies and will be talking to u guys about some of them. I am into Cars, Trucks, and Snowmobiles. And am excited to talk to u guys about Snowmobile Performance and Hot rods.

My Projects consist of-

#1= 1968 Nova, 283 chevy, TH350 Trans, Stock suspension. "Want to do alot more to car such as engine, drive train, and suspension work mainly make it FASTER.

#2= 1985 SRV-540 Yamaha Snowmobile With the following mods Full engine rebuild, Forged Pistons, Shaved Heads, Mild Porting, Polished Exhaust, Boyessen Reeds, Dual Carbs, DG Pipe, Plastic Ski's, Deeper lug track, Tuned Clutching, And suspension mods.

#3= 1955 Willys 4x4 Truck Chevy V8

And some other misc projects. Not much done to them.

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