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Whaddaya do when it rains

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Here's a couple of questions one stupid, the other not quite as!! Working on my 32 3-window(Ford). Glass body. It's an open wheel car with no hood. I really like this style. I've seen deuces with no hoods in magazines and at shows and it never entered my mind to ask "whaddaya do when it rains". I know some of these cars are never driven in the rain but I'm building this one to drive. I really like the looks of the engine exposed but is it practical? Second question: I want to use lakes style headers. I ordered a set of Patriots and because the body is channeled 2in. they hit the side of the body just forward of the doors. Would Sanderson Limefires work any better? Finally, thanks to the guys that gave me the info on setting up the hydraulic clutch. Went with a hydraulic throwout bearing and it should work like a champ!!
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This is the Introduction forum.......I think maybe you really meant for this to be in the Hotrodders Lounge. :)
I've driven my open engine T Bucket Roadster many many miles in heavy rains with no probelms at all.
In 1990 a friend and I drove our T roadsters from Houston to Mianneapolis MN for the 20th NSRA Nationals.
My car is a traditional roadster pickup T that has no hood, points distributor 283 & PowerGlide for drive.
His car is Track Style Roadster with one-piece nose and hood over a points distributor 350 and PowerGlide for drive.
We stopped for breakfast in Big Cabin OK at a McDonalds during a pouring rain. After we ate and ran through the 4" deep water in the parking lot to the cars, my car started instantly as always...his required a shot WD40 in the distributor cap due to condensation problems, had he had no hood he would have had no problem. My car has a early 60s GM chrome-plated louvered paper element air cleaner similar to Corvette stockers but element is replaceable.
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I worried about it too but haven't had any problems in the rain yet.

I just use extra caution and sometimes cover the front of the air filter.

You will notice that most other cars on the road won't get too close to you because of all the water you're throwing in the air.

I also use lots of Rain-x on the windows. I can't find wipers that work very well on my chopped top car.

454 Rattler
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Look for my Private Message.
Henry Highrise said:
This is the Introduction forum.......I think maybe you really meant for this to be in the Hotrodders Lounge. :)
Oooooops!! Wasn't paying attention to which forum I was in!!
Well with a 23 T with no top, I usually get quite wet. It has happened a few times. The thing that is really lousy is the inside of the windshield gets just as wet as the outside.
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