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i love this site.
lemme introduce myself.
my name is mel & i'm 45 yrs old. i've been fooling with cars since i was REAL little. my uncles drag raced back in the early 60's & i've been hooked ever since. i was born & raised a chevy man but i think all hotrods are cool.
i worked for 5 yrs in a machine shop that built nat'l record holding engines.
i've raced drag cars,dirt cars, asphalt cars, off road buggy's, & now back to drag racing.
i was a professional mechanic for 24 yrs until i blew out a shoulder. now i own an 18 wheeler & just work on racecars & old hotrods for a hobby.
like i told another guy in here, i know about 3 things for sure & the rest i'm still thinking about.
i'm just starting on a 1960 impala sport coupe for my wife & found this site while surfing around on the net. this really is a great site. i'm glad i found it...mel
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