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Hello:welcome: finally back from Toronto last night.

As we were in the Toronto airport we got the news that there was a Blizzard in Winnipeg and all the highways were closed. It wasnt sure if our flight would be cancelled or not. Before we boarded the told us that we would fly to Winnipeg, but if the conditions werent bad we'd have to look for another airport or come back. Great! How re-assuring that was:rolleyes: the flight went good with a lotta turbulence though. About halfway through the flight the pilot announced that a plane had landed in Winnipeg and given report that it "was not too bad". Again, how re-assuring. Our plane landed good though and we made it safe to the airport. But my parents werent there to pick me up. I went to a payphone and called them up at home. No-one picked up. So I called their cellphone and my brother picked up. I could barely hear him and he told me that my parents were stuck, and he was at his friends place. He also gave me his friends place number cause the connection was so bad. So I called him up there and he told me that my parents got stuck and were in a bunch of problems. They had called him up from a cell off another guy stuck. He told me to get my own ride home and he'd try to find my parents. GREAT! now I had to find someone to give me a ride. Fortunately I did find someone but there was another problem. We werent getting our luggage. We had to wait another hour untill we got it. During that time I kept on my praying for my parents. And 10 minutes before we got the luggage they arrived at the airport!!!!!!!! They had taken the highway (mistake #1) and had gotten stuck. They had not cellphone with them (mistake #2), no hats or gloves (mistake #3). 2 semis were also stuck along with 3 trucks and 2 cars. The wind was blowing like crazy and the cars could've been totally covered in snow and basically unaccesable in an hour or two. Long story short, after 45 minutes, lotta hard work and helping each other out, half of the cars made it out including my parents. THANK GOD! We all got home safe at about 1 am and had a nice warm meal!

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