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What Are Worries Of Painting In Your Garage?

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When I do get my hot rod,and get ready for the paint..What are the main worries of painting in your own garage except for bugs,dust,fumes,etc.?Is there any worry with the paint peeling by any chance due to there not being a heat room used with the job?That's my main worry.A few SMALL bugs,dust,etc. is my least worry,I just don't want the paint to chip off.Any help is appreciated!

Jacob :D
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you want constant temperature 65-75F, good air flow, dry air from your compressor, clean garage very well before painting, id wet it down too, then after you're done let it sit with air going still, so solvents have chance to evaporate for at least whole night.
In my experience- If you paint catalyzed acrylic or basecoat/clearcoat enamel or urethanes- you will have no troubles. I've painted hundreds of items and many many cars with no problems.( Look at my album to see a couple) I have an inlet filter which is a big furnace filter on one end, a suirrel cage fan sucking fumes out on the other and I ALWAYS wear a respirator. I put up plastic sheet anytime I paint to protect everything else from overspray. The compressor is outside separately to not take in overspray. Clean, clean, clean before you start. I have wet sanded within two hours- but a longer drying time is probably recommended. DO NOT (my opinion) have a source of combustion (heater) in the garage when spraying. Good luck and have fun! :)

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So take your time and have it.What do you guys suggest for good air flow?Also,what kind of filters or dryers do I need for my compressor to keep the air dry?Are they very expensive?Thanks!

Jacob :D
Also,what do you guys suggest for primers,paints,and clearcoats?Let me know the paint's name and its description.Thanks again!

Jacob :D
I've used a lot of Martin-Senior products from NAPA- 'cuz they're not as expensive and they have won me awards for my paint even up against the 'BIG BOYS" who paint in PPG,House of Kolor, etc. Experiment till you find what you like. I've used PPG and liked it but once again- cost put me back at my local NAPA jobber. I just have a felt filter on my compressor and a BIG water trap- we get lots of humidity here.... Paint+humidity=paint failure! Again, good luck and check out articles and books- quickest way to learn!!! :D
Did you paint your Henry yourself?It's sweet <img src="graemlins/mwink.gif" border="0" alt="[mwink]" /> !We get alot of humidity here also.You think you could get a pic of your compressor?I think that I have a good idea of what you're talking about,but I'd like to see your setup if it's not too much trouble.

Jacob :D
Yes- I did all the work myself. Don't have a pic of my compressor(s).. but I can describe them- the one I've used a lot is just a 3 horse Craftsman horizontal with a built-in felt filter. I added a water trap that mounts to the compressor on the air line out. I just bought an oil-less from Sears and it works really well (no oil- no chance for a possible speck getting through) They have them on sale now (I think) and I paid under $350 for it. I wrote an airbrush article that Jon will probably put up this next week- that is a great way to start learning spray painting skills :)
Thanks again Dragon.I'll probably figure out something to do cheaply that will be a good bit effective anyway.I don't want a showroom paint job,just one that doesn't have flaws in it that you can see from a mile away.Know what I mean?I will figure out something to keep the water out,including some sort of filter and also draining my tank before painting :D .Also,I will probably spray down my garage with water before painting,and then put plastic covers all over everything to keep the most dust contained between the plastic and the wall.Hopefully it will work.Plus,I can always use a light sand paper and lightly wet sand any places on the body that didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them too.Thanks for your help again!Also,do they sell that paint in pints,quarts,gallons,etc.?

Jacob :D
Dragon... great answers. I was impressed that you even added about the ignition sources. You have to remember the safety parts, or knowing the rest may be of no value. I also use a filter at the gun. They are cheep enough, specially compared to the cost of the paint. As far as the brand is concerned, it is usually up to the painter. I usually use Dupont. Even though they sponsor Jeff Gordon in NASCAR, they have a good product. It is what I started with in the "olden days" and I have not had much luck with others. But then again I have friends that swear by Chevrolets, while I swear at them. I have friends that think that Sherwin Williams is the best stuff out there. I hate the stuff myself, except for on my house, if someone else is going to put it on. I guess everyone has their favorite brand. I am not into "high dollar" paint because of the name. Good Luck and be safe about it.
Thanks again.I will be sure to keep safety in mind while doing this job.It really can be very dangerous,seeing that pro paints are very flammable..Well,I guess all paints are flammable,but anyway..Thanks again for the tips.

Jacob :D
Try "" They have a great bulletin board to answer all your questions about paint and air compressor sizing.

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Cool Dragon J, I'll be looking forward to reading that article.
Nightrain, I agree with Dragon!! I paint my cars in my garage with the back door open a bit with a screen (bugs)and I open my garage door with a 2" square fan under the door then let door down on the fan and bag the door with painters cloth tarp. visqueen off the rest. But here in Alaska need the gas fired heater going. With HVLP dont get much fumes or overspray. I also (being a NAPA autocare center) use their paints. Use the 5205 primer surfacer it can go direct metal and builds great. Last summer, as Dragon said, my 34 coupe won best paint by the PPG rep.hahaha. Never told him it was NAPA. Ray
I will just chime in here and say go for it. I made a paint booth out of thick mil plastic sheeting and an attic fan. I opened my rollup door with a 2 ft piece of waferboard and installed a 1500 cfm attic fan in the board. I then cut a hole and installed an AC filter in the plastic sheeting on the opposite side. Made a nice down draft homemade booth. I did the S-10 in my album in the homemade booth. It might not win any awards, but it came out really good. NO BUGS! Only a couple tiny nibs that sanded out.

You will get less dirt in your paint if you paint in your driveway. Garages usually are very dusty & any air moving in the garage will stir it up.
Paint early in the morning when there is no air moving.
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