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Listen up my fellow gear heads and I'll educate you on some facts about life and the parts bus. Over 50% of all parts found in your local parts stores are not made by the name on the box, most are just bought in large bulk mass and simply rebox with the buyers/customers name on the box, its effective and cheaper (in most cases) than name brand... it’s that old Sam Walton theory. If you don’t think it works or you think the quality is less, then you are living a very sheltered life and need to get out more and I'm not talking about going to the track more. I'll try and use the Sam Walton theory a bit more to get my point across a little clearer.
Most or all retailers don’t make a single part, they are just there to sell you my friend, the consumer, the part, and take your money. Do you really think Wal-Mart makes crackers, cola, and purified water? If you do then McDonalds must be in the farming bus. and have a lager farm some where, growing potatoes for their fries.
Don’t think for a min. that your local parts store makes oil, air filters or brakes. No… due to pure economics they kind of leave that part up to the people who not only know how to make them but someone who has the equipment and know how (not to mention the personal) to manufactory them.
It a little known fact that ALL steel billet cam cores are made by one cam company. Don’t believe me? Call them up and ask them, any of them …. “Where is your steel billet cam core made?” Its like OddRodder said about the white box cams, they all come from the same place. No matter whose name is on the box or how much they spend on marketing, stickers/decals or what lube they say to use they all are pretty much come from the same place. Made to their specs and boxed and sold to what the customer wants. When you are looking at a catalog or any advertisement, you are buying what the masses want and demand.
Here’s yet another question does the big three (or for that matter, mail order or retailers in general) make all of the parts (cams) that they sell (or advertise)? I don’t think so scooter. They farm it out to a contractor who is set up to do that. A company that is set up to do it, and the know how, to do it in mass production. This doesn’t make the product any less in quality or price, it just give the consumer another option in what they may have grown accustom spending their hard earned money for. And it works… no matter what the name brand is on washers and dryers. Stereos or TV’s there is only a few who produce or make the product but the labels are out there that people will buy just because of the name or the price. But like cams, most come from only a few places, no matter whose name or labels are on them.
I’m on the inside, looking out. A poll is only as smart (or up to date) as the people that are polled. I hope that I have opened a door or up dated the 114 that are in this poll.
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