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heres the cam it comes with the trickflow trackheat topend package (heads ,cam, rockers ,lifters, etc)

Cam Style Hydraulic flat tappet
Basic Operating RPM Range 2,700-5,700 RPM
Intake Duration 050 inch Lift 228
Exhaust Duration 050 inch Lift 234
Advertised Intake Duration 284
Advertised Exhaust Duration 290
Intake Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio 0.480
Exhaust Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio 0.494
Lobe Separation (degrees) 110
Intake Valve Lash (in) 0.000

what stall conveter should i use?

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Selecting the correct stall speed converter is determined by cam choice, vehicle weight, rear gear ratio, rear tire diameter, intended use of the vehicle and several other factors. Hughes and/or Coan have an online form that you can fill out for them to suggest a recommended converter.
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