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pannel might have some guts have any advice (468 chevy pannel)

I'm working on a 63 pannel van with 468 here's the specs
patiot heads 320cc / 119cc chamber/2.25 intake/1.88 ex (alum)
flat top pistons (9:5:1 comp)( i know it low but will it work)(cant afford more yet)

3280 stall
hydr cam 110 lobe degree at 108/ dur 266-306/lift 579-579 (flat tap)(2500 to 6400 rpm)
super street carb 750
holley blue elect fuel pump
1 7/8 headers not sure on brand
rear end 12 bolt 373 posi
maifold single plane 2000-7500
alum radator /elect 16" fan
160 drilled therm
powerglide trans
trans cooler,oil cooler
truck weight 4160lbs with me in it
hei distrib (stock) have any ideas on one to use
bottom end of engine is stock

if have any ideas let me know,i dont know alot about motors but learning
if you have any tricks of getting motors cooler,or quick horse power,need some suggestions, for moving this heavy beast let me know. :sweat:
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