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If you have a pic on your computer you will have to upload it to a picture site. The photo album here is a good place to do it. Now to post a pic with your message...
1- find the pic you want to post
2- put your cursor on the pic and right click your mouse
3- when the window pops up choose "PROPERTIES" at the bottom of the window.
4- When that window pops up take your mouse and highlite the URL or ADDRESS of the picture
5- after it is highlited right click your mouse and choose copy
6- come back to your reply on here and type this [/b] notice that those are brackets and not parentheses. The brackets are beside the letter "P" on the keyboard
7- okay you now have [b][img][/b] right directly behind that (make sure your cursor is behind it) right click your mouse and click on paste.
8- right behind the address that you just pasted in type [b]
make sure you have the backslash in front of the img or it will not work
9- you will now have something that looks like this...
DO NOT have any spaces anywhere in the formula or it will not work and after the last sentence you had you need a space before the complete formula. you will also need a space after the formula before the next sentence.

Hope this help,

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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