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I am not running a Hydraulic set up, the question is for mechanical clutch linkage set up.

I have a 1980 Z28 Camaro, the owner before me converted the car from (factory) manual to a Th400 Automatic.

I recently purchased a T-10 4spd which came out of a 1972 Chevelle SS
And i want to replace the Th400 with the 4spd

as of now the camaro is automatic, but the clutch pedal is still dangling around but that is the only thing i have. (other than new clutch/flywheel)

Im not sure how to run a mechanical linkage set up, and what are all the parts i need.

I found a clutch kit on ebay for $140+

1972 1981 Camaro Clutch Linkage Kit | eBay

and are the 1980 camaro and 1972 chevelle interchangeable in parts? bought a flywheel and new clutch disc/pressure plate for the chevelle just because i know it will match up with the T-10

my problem is my lack of knowledge, I do not want to blindly throw money at parts I may or may not need, or parts i could buy at other places for less money.
I Dont mind spending the $140 on the kit above but i dont know if it is a good deal or if it comes with everything i need or a bunch extra of things/parts that I dont need or could go without.

Please shed some of your knowledge!

thank you!
- Marcus
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