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What holds the cam in place on an s.b.c.?

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The timing chain/gears are worn.........I bet the timing fluctuates too when you rev it up.

I just put brand new chain and gears. Im in the process of putting it together and i hear this noise hitting the timing cover when i turn the rotor.
85 Vette,glad to hear it is going togather.It sounds to me ny the way you write here,that the lifters are not in yet and the chain can not be tight.If you can turn the rotor and it is pushing the cam out,the gears on the distributor shaft are meshing with the cam gear and "walking" it out.If the chain is attached to the crank you can not turn that engine over by turning the rotor.The lifters,when installed and adjusted exert enough pressure on the to hold them in.I have not tore the vettes apart,but I believe with an aftermarket cam for rollers they require a cam button to help alleviate this problem.What is the exact state of your engine as of now?
I put the cam and crank gear on along with the chain. The engine is set to top dead center on the compression stroke on #1 piston. The lifters are in but the push rods are not. The cam walks in an out about a quarter of an inch when i spiral the disttributor shaft in the cam gear. Any thoughts? rick
If it is stopping after that it is normal.Install your pushrods and set the lash.I thought that you meant it was coming completly out when you turned the rotor. The chain is catching,what you described is normal.Proceed with the rest of assembely.
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:sweat: Thanks. It scared the ****ttt out of me when i had the timing cover on and was turning the rotor back and forth. I could hear and feel the cam tapping against the cover. rick
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