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Hows it going Im Justin, I am A composite specialist, and a truck lover. I found this site looking for answers on my 4L60 transmittion. I have Novice to advanced knowledge about vehicles, and very advanced in aeronautics. If you have questions maybe I can help, and Im hoping Who ever can do the same.
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Justin...Dude...what's a composite specialist do man??? Is that your day job or what?


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Until Feb. 28 I build first article developments for experimental aircraft as well as a range of other stuff. Basically I formed sheet metal and integrated a run off of composites (Bullet proofing). I operated a autoclave to speed resin reactions. By the way first article development means the first time a blue print is made into reality basically (then tested for flaws and durability). Using more advanced materials (wider range at least) it basically ties into the same Field as a fiberglass boat builder. Until the 28 when I was laid off I saw some of the most interesting developments that Im sure will be integrated into cars and trucks of the future. I also have built Ram Air Intakes and ground effects for the 99 to 02 Chevy trucks from scratch out of graphite and glass. With a degree in Audio Engineering I incorporate my composite knowledge and try to build sleek efficient boxes for cars, trucks, and whatever I can get into. Anyway I could ramble on forever this is basically what a Composite Specialist is.
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