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what is this???

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I shot some ppg jb9300 b/c on my car last night in my garage. I went to sand some imperfections out of it today and reapply some more base. Well the plastic I had up around the garage fell and there was a layer of dust and crap all over the car. I grabbed some of duponts first klean and went over the roof and I noticed the roof had gotten real cloudy. Was this a no-no to use the cleaner at this point or is this not a problem. I am assuming that I will have to redo this section now? Please help I would like to get this done tonight. Thanks in advanced
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Knock the nibs off, clean the surface with a mix of water and isopropyl alcohol mixed 50/50 or use a waterborn wax and grease remover. Then shoot another coat of color on and allow to flash good then clear it. First Clean will sometimes leave a residue and will also attack the basecoat just a little, the waterbased cleaners are a heck of alot friendlier.
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