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A friend of mine had his rad boil over the other day,because his elec fan didn't come on. He knows little about working on cars. He bought it 4 years ago as a "TURNKEY" streetrod,and its a nice one---had very little trouble with it,anyhow the fan motor checks out as OK. I followed wires and his fan control is not one I ever saw,and I don't know who makes it . Its a block with what looks like 2 relays,but one is a relay and the other part (which looks exactly like a relay0 but when you pull the cover off its got a coil in it that pulls in a set of points to activate the fan. One of the prongs on that part is burnt and also the female part where it plugs in. Anyone know what brand this is? I would like to replace with the same kind.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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