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what should i do to my 86 Transam?

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:p I have a 86 Transam and i was wonderin what i should do to it I am getting the exhaust done tommorow and i am not sure what i should do? 3 inch tru dual? not sure give me some ideas pleaze! Any other ideas are welcome u can check her out on the pics are kinda bad but im gettin new ones up! later
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unless you plan on doin any engine mods i wouldn't go 3 inch,, with a pipe that big your exhaust gases just float around instead of being forced out. my truck has got 2 1/2" strait pipes and before i put the big ol air filter on and openend the hood scoop, it seemed rather sluggish... my suggestion is to run 2 1\2" dual if you don't want to do alot.. and 3" if your gonna put an air intake sys on it... i rebuilt a 78 firebird formula a couple years ago during my grade 8 summer, so if ya got any questions, please ask
I put 3" Pipes under my galaxie and i really didnt see and performance difference, I used thrush mufflers and exept for that annoying monotone at about 2 grand everything worked out for the better ... Boy she sounds good now !!
3 inch duals are good for high RPMs with a lot of mods. But if you have a stock motor I would stay with 2 1/2 inch duals.
All vehicles need a certain amount of back pressure to run at their optimum. I would stick to around 2 1/4 to 2 1/2" pipes with a set of good quality mufflers. Over exhaust and you will end up with a sluggish ride.

jeez,, it took 4 guys to say exactly what i said... just kidding fellas.
ya know what else works tho guys,, get a well tuned set of hedders, and put a small kink at the bottom on the straight pipe,, and the pressure will shoot that exhaust out much faster allowing for more air flow... we used to do it to our bikes and field cars all the time as kids.
Thanx guys for your help! I ended up gettin 2 1/2" Duals Flowmaster its sexy! lol and runs nice! I still want it louder any ideas in that? please let me know if you do! :)
Hello.If you want noise go with a Flowmaster 40 series. If thats to loud then go with a Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow. The first one has a lot of interior sound and very aggressive sounding.The second one has less interior sound but still agressive sounding. For sound clips of each muffler go to Flowmaster Mufflers
if ya want it louder,,, put some subs in the sucker... just kidding,, yeah go with the flow master,, or put some thrush tubes underneath it... i run 2 foot ones under my truck and it makes the windows rattle
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