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Only suggestion I can give other than the good ones already given, is when you replace the rear main seal, rub it down good with vaseline, also coat the oil pan gaskets with it, it helps them to retain moisture, so they don`t dry out and leak. Depending on how long the engine has sat, cycle it when you fire it up, just as if it were fresh rebuilt. I`ve seen many small block chevy`s have a cam lobe failure from not doing this when they sat up for anytime over a few month period, one case it took it 6 months before it wore the cam out, but it wore it out none the less. After cycling the rpm from 2000 to 2200 rpm for 20 minutes change the oil, then drop the idle down to normal and do your tuning, and if the engine has any kind of miles on it, do as the before post said and add a timing chain.
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