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Best way..without specialized tools.. remove it from short block and try to determine the grinder. Lift figure can be determined by measuring base circle. Measure lobe lift times 1.5 gives you the total theoretical valve lift.

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How is the best way to find out what kind and lift the cam is I bought the short block with no specs or infoe on it
If you're not sure if it's a solid or hydraulic, this can help you tell.

Often the manufacturer will mark the cam w/the grind or part number. This may be found under the cam gear or often on the back side of the cam.

If the cam is in the block and heads are off, you can get a close idea of the lift by installing a lifter on an intake lobe and compare the lowest position of the lifter to the highest position, then multiply by the rocker ratio (1.5 is stock). Do both an intake and an exhaust lobe; often they're different (split pattern cam).

The order of the cam lobes on each side is: SBC: front | E - I - I - E - E - I - I - E | rear

To get more precise requires a degree wheel (or at least a timing tape attached to the damper) and a magnetic base dial indicator. This will let you plot the cam for duration and intake/exhaust centerlines, etc.

Click on image for more on making a temporary timing tape:

Dampr w/tape, text:

Other info you might find useful:

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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