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What ya think, Summit roller tip rockers

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The steel ones, ok im a cheapo, and its my own truck, but whatever... Summits stamped roller tip rockers, anyone buy em? try em? Know who there made by and if there any good?

There the ones for $94.xx(too tired to find the change)

ps: got a comp cams cam in there...the xtreme energy, the one that needs a 2200+ stall for a 86 350 chevy...its like putting $H!t on the good stuff, but hey, i got a budget :D
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what ratio rockers? ive read on here of others using them and no problems.
so you wanted to try and save money in this economy, sounds smart to me.
is this going to be a sole street vehicle or what? if its just used for street, you ought to be quite happy with what ya got... :D
You could always get the carburized non-roller tip. Or, why not spring for some more loot and go full roller? Call Summit and ask them where they are made, who makes them. If they tell you Crane, they're lying. If the body is cheap the roller tip will do little for you other than allow you to say you have roller tip rockers. That said the carburized pieces will endure punishment and have shown their worth in roundy round engines where no roller or roller tips allowed. I have use roller tips in the past on sbc's, no issues. It's been a while so don't remember who made them but they were heavy bodied pcs. Beware cheap valvetrain parts.
Competition Products just sent out an email (to those who are subscribed to receive them) for these rockers:

PVS, Forged Long Slot Roller Tip Rockers, Chev SB.
Chrome moly bodies, includes balls and nuts.
6235R 1.5 ratio 3/8"
3236R 1.6 ratio 3/8"
cpx6275R 1.5 ratio 7/16"

Price: $69.95

They're in the catalog for $79.95.
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Deez said:
Beware cheap valvetrain parts.
I uncle bought cheap procomp rockers, and im thinking, 'you idiot!' and maybe I shouldnt do that.

But when the funds arent there...i dunno. Ya maybe ill save a bit more and splurg on full roller rockers, so when i blow this motor up I can re-use them ;)

tnsmith10, I was looking at the 1.6 ratio rockers by summit.

I REALLY want a set of the Comp Cams Ultra Magnum rockers... If i had 400 bucks to spend i would get them (but they cost more than the engine)
Roller tip rockers will not help reduce valvetrain friction, only a full roller rocker will do that, so save your money until you can do a proper upgrade
FmrStrtracer said:
Roller tip rockers will not help reduce valvetrain friction, only a full roller rocker will do that, so save your money until you can do a proper upgrade
well thats good to know :D
Word from a few reputable sources is that Elgin makes these for just about everybody who sells them, no real problems reported.
I think the primary benefit is a more accurate ratio.

The roller doesn't cause this to occur, necessarily. But because the exact point of contact is apparently better able to be gaged, the roller-tip jobs can advertise- and apparently deliver- 1.52:1 ratio accuracy. And they have a longer slot.

Stamped OEM rockers typically have less-than-stated ratios, some have been said to be off by a tenth or more.
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