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Hello Jeff here, Im 23 and love life. I just wanted to tell a littel about me. I'm a mechanic, I do a lot of drag raceing its a rush that will never get old. My car is a 1990 Mustang lx 5.0 kind of. I know its another mustang buts its mine!! Its got a 408 stroker under the hood Sweet. I getting 582 wrhp and 598 of T. I love it, I made about 12 to 15 passes with the motor my best time is 11.26 at 132 mph I can not get my tires to hook to save my life. But thats life i guess its also got a 200 shoot on it but have not tried it yet. [lol] Sorry to bore you guys see you around.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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