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Hi guys.
Haven't been here in a while.
For the past year I've been dealing with alignment issues on my '64 Chevy Nova wagon. I have 14 x 6 Chevy rallies on P205/70R14 tires. After Pep Boys and two frame shops couldn't get the rebuilt stock suspension to hold an alignment I went with a CPP "mini" subframe kit. The last frame shop couldn't fix the stock suspension so they installed the subframe kit for free. I have about $4k into the front end now.

So after four months of trouble free driving I felt confident enough to replace the four completely bald tires.

Wheel Works had a buy three get the fourth tire free sale so I had them do the work. The tech doing the job said the car was a little out of alignment. He worked on it and said he got it aligned the best he could.

I drove it home and it felt a little out like it was "toe in".

Yesterday morning I took it to Martin's shop (same guy who put the CPP kit in) figuring he'd find the problem. He calls me up saying the lower ball joints are worn and allow a ton of play. Check it out:

New ball joints worn out in four short months. I called CPP and they said to take them off and ship them back and they'd send replacements. Martin felt that they were using cheap components and we'd be doing this again in a few months. He recommended I use his ball joints at a cost of $525 installed.

I'm unemployed and as I said before have a huge amount of money in just the front end alone. I called Wheel Works and spoke to the manager. He says ball joints don't cost that much and he could do the job for a lot less. I'm taking the car to him tomorrow.

Now have any of you purchased this same kit and had similar problems?
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