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I'm trying to piece together this '26 T body I drug up. What's left of it is pretty straight. There just aint much left. I will likely replace the body with a glass repop later on (way later after the car has been built and I've worn out a couple sets of tires). I will be doing a good deal of repairs (mostly patch panels)to the original body for now. The metal body won't ever see any paint but I don't want it to be a hack job either.

My greatest obsticle now is finding a set of doors. The doors on my body are completely missing. I'm not opposed to using glass doors but I'm afraid glass doors won't fit good due to mold variations. I would use doors in really bad shape but I havent found any at all. I could build a set even though they would be a real pain.

If anybody could put me on to the right antique salvage yard or individual who could help; I would really be thankfull.
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