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Which bucket seat should I use?

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What bucket seat will work the best in a 72 nova?
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Are you looking for just passenger car seats or somthing more along the lines of racing seats?
I am also looking for buckets, comfortable with a harnes, racing style with driving comfort. Is this possible? I have a 73 Nova. And it may sound dumb but I wanted buckets in back, or no seats at all in back, can it easily be done, I am fairly handy at fab work.
69-72 Chevelle/442/gto.A-body GM product would be correct for 69-72 nova,
As far as racing style seats Sparco seems to be a popular choice in the more high end cars. As far as I know any seat can be adapted to fit. If you want to run power seats it would be a little more work but with any seat you could fab up the mounting bracket for it. So I say, find one you like at a junk yard and have fun.

Cory :D
SSAZA, is that also true for a 73 nova, I would think so. 'Cause I know where to find a '70 chevelle.
back in the seventies i ran a nova bracket car, used ford bucket seats, light and almost bolted right in, i think they were Maveric maybe Pinto, been a long time, but they fit and matched the door panels well.
I've got a 65 Chevelle and I have seats from an early 90's Pontiac Grand Am. They are sweet. They have black leather and the lumbar support adjustment. They fit perfect as well.
Good Luck
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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