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Here is what my setup will be with the supercharger.

358 chevy little M block,
oliver 6.25 billet rods
LAE Billet 3.295 stroke crank
AFR 220cc comp package heads with extra porting 2.10, 160 valves
motor is currently 14.7:1 compression (118 octane) and runs a 6.29 1/8th on a 100 shot.
car weighs 3200 lbs with driver.
I am planning on rebuilding the motor with 9.0:1 compression and running 30 lbs of boost with an air to air intercooler (17" by 12" by 6") and water injection.
I dont know if I should run the F2 or F3M procharger. I would assume that the F3M would run cooler because of its lower operating speed, am I right? The motor will have around 500 hp on 9:1, and the F3M is recommended for a motor with an NA hp of 550-800 hp. Is is going to be a problem if I am a little shy of that number? What will the effects of that be? My goal is 1500 hp at the motor, Which one would you say would be better for my application, and what would the drawbacks of either one be.

Thank you
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